Currency Converter
smart and easy currency conversion

Currency Converter by Market Junkie is the smart and easy currency converter for every day. Whether it's a quick conversion between to currencies in the office or finding out the price of something in your travel destination. Currency Converter by Market Junkie finds you the right information. Automatic detection of local currency and offline mode included. Oh, and it's free.


List of Features

  • FREE for iPhone & Android.
  • Fast and easy currency conversion. Just type in any amount in one currency and get the result in the other currency.
  • Local currency detection. Just turn on the app and it will detect the local currency of your current location. And Currency Converter remembers too. Just turn on the app while running on (for example) your hotels WiFi once and you will have the local currency ready for the rest of your stay.
  • Offline Mode. All currencies you have in your list are stored and available even without an internet connection.
  • Plus all the little details that make Currency Converter extra smart and easy to use.