Colorator 2
Black & White with a touch of Color
With Colorator you can cast your photos to black and white, while keeping some of the colors unchanged.

Imagine blue eyes, red lips, colorful flowers or a showy t-shirt in a stylish black & white picture. Turn your simple photos into eyecatching memories!

And for anybody who knew the previous version: we have completely rebuilt Version 2 from the ground up!

Available for macOS and Universal App for iPhone and iPad.

With Colorator 2 you can apply the selective-color-effect on your photos with just one click or tap. Mark color areas or select a particular color for the while picture. Add or remove details with the brush tool if necessary. You can easily change the selected color range and even re-color objects completely!
  • apply selective color effect with one click
  • choose colors for the whole image or individual color areas
  • set new colors for selected elements
  • use a brush tool to edit details
  • choose from several monochrome modes to give you different black & white photo styles
  • cropping and a large selection of image filters included