NEW: Market Junkie 2
Market Junkie 2.0 has been redesigned and rewritten from the ground up. With our brand new design it's even easier to keep an eye on the stock market and your investments.

We've also added a ton of new features! Ranging from simple and useful, like an integrated currency converter. To the complex and extremely powerful, like our comprehensive research tool.

And of course we still have interactive charts, easy portfolio managment, an overview of the world markets, custom alerts and lots of useful data.

Whatever is happening in the markets,
Market Junkie lets you know!

FREE DOWNLOAD, Mac OS 10.8 and up.
New Design

We've completely redesigned the interface from the ground up. With a strong focus on clarity, precision and strong visual signals.
Comprehensive Research Tool

Search, research every detail, analyze, evaluate, compare. Stocks by industry, popular stocks, stock index components... The possibilities are endless!
Trading Calendar

Public holidays and earnings reports are important dates in every investors calendar. With our Pro-Service Trading Calendar you have all these dates in one place.
Currency converter

With the Pro-Service Currency support you can access Market Junkie's powerful currency converter and even add currency pairs to your portfolio. All global currencies included.
Details, details, details...