Monochromist 2
Black & White Photography Made Really Simple
iPhone + iPad
With the Monochromist App it is very easy (and quite fun!) to create, edit and share your pictures in black & white.

By removing colors you can enhance a photo, bring its subject to life and give it a whole new artistic quality.

Create, share and enjoy the dramatic effect that monochromatic images have. Become a Monochromist today!

The editing with Monochromist 2
could not be simpler:
  • choose a photo
  • select a filter from the list
  • and export your picture.

You can also adjust the effect's intensity and play with additional settings for contrast, brightness and so on. There is an infinite number of possible photos out there, for you to explore!
  • 32 preset black & white filters
  • additional custom settings
  • image cropping tool
  • frames
  • export & share directly from the app
  • available for macOS and iPhone and iPad