Straighten horizons on your iPhone, iPad or Mac
iPhone + iPad
You just took a bunch of great pictures, but the horizon is crooked on some of them?

A great sunset over the ocean. Mountains in the background of your hiking trip snaps. Beautiful countryside pictures from your last vacation. Itís hard to enjoy great photos if the horizon is not even.

Uncrook is the app you need. Just select the photos you want to straighten and Uncrook does it for you. Completely automatic! You can edit images individually as well, but the batch mode is the fastest and easiest way to get your photos straightened out.
Uncrook uses iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 technology to detect the horizon in your photos. Then, if the horizon line is not straight, it rotates the image to adjust. Fully automatic and you can feed it multiple pictures at once. This way, the landscape pictures you took today, come out with a straight horizon.
  • automatically straighten horizon
  • batch mode to realign several photos at the same time
  • editor for individual realignment
  • preserve image format or maximize image size
  • available for iPhone + iPad and Mac