Market Junkie Mobile
stocks & markets on your iPhone

With Market Junkie you can easily manage you stock portfolio and keep an eye on the market. Intuitive management, integrated stock search and charts (intraday and longtime) make your life and investment easier. And with the our additional Pro Services you have access to a lot of additional information about companies, currencies and market events. Whatever is happening in the markets, Market Junkie lets you know!

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List of Features

  • Manage your stocks, quick & easy
  • Integrated stock search, no need to memorize ticker symbols
  • Powerful stock research tool integrated
  • Portfolio overview graphics
  • Helpful visuals, with colors where necessary
  • Charts and stock performance history
  • Create multiple portfolios
  • Custom Stock Alerts (e.g. price of a stock rises over or falls under a threshold)
  • Compare multiple stock charts in one image
  • Includes Apple Watch app